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Mirashare EHS

Application Development Projects

Interactive Whiteboard Application.

This exciting and technically demanding project for Sahara Presentation Systems Plc involved the complete redevelopment and redesign of our client's interactive whiteboard software to bring in new functionality and make it a multi-platform product.

We chose the 'Qt' development platform, which is used in many graphically rich applications such as Google Earth, Skype and Adobe products. The result is a feature rich IWB support engine, including 'real ink capture' and dual touch capability that is already helping Sahara in its efforts to grow their overseas market.

Technical details:
Multi-platform client application, running on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
Large user base (1000s, implementation in many countries)

Change Control

A large multinational company commissioned us to design, build and implement a system to record and progress changes occurring on their sites. These changes, such as adding or modifying equipment, required assessment by many specialists; a situation that was nearly impossible to manage on a large scale using their existing paper based methods.

Our system built in an electronic workflow for these reviews and provided 21CFR11 compliant electronic signature capture for progressing the workflow of the change. It includes comprehensive searching and charting facilities for rapid production of management metrics.

Technical details:
Web based application, SQL Server, Visual Basic components, ASP and javascript
Large user base (1000s, single site implementation, soon to be multi-site)

Waste Disposal

We designed developed and implemented a system to handle the disposal of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste, complying with UK regulations, and providing full audit tracking. The system is highly configurable, enabling the same version to be adapted to meet the different country regulations.

Technical details:
Web based application, SQL Server, Visual Basic components, ASP and javascript
Small user base (10s, multi-site implementation)

Holiday recording and management

This system allows the recording of individuals' personal details, holidays, sickness, time off in lieu etc. Personnel can be grouped by departments and areas and holiday conflicts can be viewed. An email interface allows confirmation to be sent back to the person requesting the time off.
A web based interface also allows managers to view their department's holiday commitments.

Technical details:
Client / Server and Web based application, Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, ASP and javascript
Small user base (approx. 50, single site implementation)